Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Nokia E50

Nokia E50Yesterday I sold my few days ago bought phone Nokia E61i for just 19000/ rupees. just to getting another new phone.

Today I again went saddar with Amir and it wasn't an easy task to find Nokia E50 there, i didn't know why it was not available with United Mobile or M.Z's warranty, might because the demand was not enough or peoples might thing that the 13000 rupees are more than the value of this phone, but when a passion is in the mind who cares about the price value, i was stuck to find out the phone at any reason, eventually i got the phone with Digital Telecom's warranty, I was happy -
First look at the phone was very shiny.

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Nokia E61iI bought Nokia E61i. First I wanted to buy iMATE but it wasn't available. So I bought this for 25000/ rupees. Nice phone.

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Nokia 6030

I got the Nokia 6030 in used condition.

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Friday, September 29, 2006

Nokia 6233

Today i go to sukkur for selling Nokia 6070 which i had purchased few days ago from there and now for purchasing new nokia 6233. so i sold it for 6100 rupees and purchase nokia 6233 in 15700 rupees from another shop and the set is in United Mobile's warranty..

i am very happy with this set..

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Nokia 6070

Today i got o sukkur with Majid and Nana in car. i purchase Nokia 6070 in 7800/ rupees and this phone has a classic design with VGA camera. the phone looks like very classic.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Djuice SIM card from Karachi

I was in Karachi and purchase a Djuice number #0345-3103392. in 350/ rupees with 150/ rupees of Airtime. This Simcard labled with "Djuice" instead of "Telenor" because of the package changing.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Nokia 3100 (7th Mar, 2006 --- so on)

I purchase new Nokia 3100 in 5500/ from Zameer Electronics Shikarpur.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Nokia 6630 (29th Jul, 05 --- 20th Jan, 06)

I Purchase new Nokia 6630 in 20500/ from sadder Karachi.

Then after the 6 months I sold it to Nana for 15000/.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Nokia 3230 (12th Jun, 05 --- 21st Jul, 05)

I Sold my Nokia 6600 for 12300/ and purchase a new Nokia 3230 in 20500/ from M.Z shop at sadder, Karachi. It was very good looking and decent phone, it wasn't have exchangeble covers, overall it was a good but sometimes it restarts, it seems like a network related problume but it frequentlly hurted me.

So then, after a month and few days I sold it for 16800/ to a friend, this price was cheap and very painfull for me but that because of lower market rate.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Nokia 6600 (2nd Dec, 2004 --- 12th Jun, 2005)

I sold the Sonyericsson K700i for just 15000/ and purchase new Nokia 6600 in 18400/ from Karachi.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Sony Ericsson K700i (15th Oct, 04 --- 2nd Dec, 04)

After the selling my previous model to a friend for just 6200 rupees, I was still in Karachi for getting a new one. I purchased a new (Sony Ericsson K700i) in 1800 rupees, this phone reaches my expectations and is very good luck for me. The phone is designed very superb and have a very much decent look, (as its shown in photo) I am satisfy with this, because of many reasons, like the phone has a display of 65K TFT color LCD, the screen size is (220 X 208) and it is larger & sharp than any other previous models, the photos taken from its own camera, has superb result as comparing to any other like (Samsung X600). Sending and receiving SMS and MMS including images videos & ringtones, are fast and so easy as much as data transmitting with computer via Infrared. I always save the photos from phone to my computer with help of Infrared.

I still using this phone, but I don’t know how many days it will keep at mine, how many days it will not damaged……. I am not sure…. anything has no guaranty there because the life is also not sure…

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Samsung X100 (22nd Sep, 04 --- 15th Oct, 04)

The same day I have purchased another new model (Samsung-X100) in 7250 rupees, the phone was enabled with Urdu language menu and 100 rupees more cost for this reason. The LCD screen was little larger than previous model, and image is much better than other same models (I can say it just because my friend had same model but didn’t have same screen quality as in my handset) I was so happy to send SMS, MMS, E-mails and receiving the MMS attached with ring tones and images which I send myself form my computer the phone was better than my all previous models, but I was still seeking for a much better smart phone, which also had a digital camera included, I spent a little time on the internet for searching mobile phones and read reviews about them, I found many models, one off them was (Nokia 6600) which I like to buy just because big screen and built in camera, but its size was larger than common, then I like to purchase, (Sony Ericsson P900) but it was much expensive and I had no enough money to buy it, but finally I agreed to purchase (Sony Ericsson-K700i).

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Samsung C100 (24th Feb, 04)………..(22nd Sep, 04)

My fourth mobile phone was (Samsung-C100), that was I purchase on (24 Feb, 04) form Karachi in 8200 rupees, on the same day I also got my new Mobilink SIM card in 2550 rupees, that was (0300-9317985).

This was so good-looking and very slim, the colored LCD screen has a sharp display the polyphonic ringbones were so better than previous models. Specially I always like to listen “Bawadak” and that tone was also an alarm to woke up me at morning to going for Sukkur Institute. I use that phone for seven months (within this period I had purchased a new Ufone SIM card number 0333-7103683, I was still using it) and after that time the GSM network also start in Shikarpur “both Ufone & Mobilink” I was still happy with that phone but when I knew the phone was not support the MMS messages, and X100 is much better in this manner, then I decided to sale it for getting another new one.

And I was go to Karachi for sale it and I did it for just 5500 rupees the date was (22nd Sep, 04).

Saturday, December 27, 2003

Nokia 3520 (27th Dec, 03 --- 24th Feb, 04)

Than my third phone was (Nokia 3520). That was the AMPS type handset. I purchased it in 8700 rupees, form Karachi on (27th Dec, 03). I like that phone too because that was my first colored LCD and polyphonic ringbones enabled handset. Then I came back to Shikarpur and got a new Intaphone number in 1600 rupees, which was: 0320-5879072. But after few days I feel a little disadvantage in this phone, the signal strength was not better or not enough to send and receive the sms in most indoor areas, some times the “No Service” was appeared on the phone’s screen. So definitely that was very bad thing for me. Then I decided to sale that and buy again a GSM handset, (basically my first choice has always been the GSM handsets and network, specially Ufone) and after all I goes to Karachi and sold it for 5000 rupees.

Saturday, August 30, 2003

Nokia 2100 ( Aug, 03 --- 27th Dec, 03)

Then my next phone was the (Nokia 2100). I purchase it in 5800 rupees from Karachi. I came back to shikaupr and got a Mobillink SIM card from Sukkur in 3000 rupees, the number was (0300-9316133).

(Nokia 2100) was my first GSM type handset even GSM network was not available in shikarpur but I was so happy to got it. The set was so small in size and have a great look especially the keys were very soft and comfortable to typing the sms. At that time I mostly send sms, it was fun and it was my main purpose to keep any mobile phone. After spending 4 months with that mobile, I suddenly want to get a instapnone number because at that time Mobilink network is not available in our city. After deciding to purchase a new phone, I gone to Karachi, and I sold it for 4500 rupees. I also had sold my Mobilink SIM for 2500 rupees in Shikarpur.

Nokia 3361 (30th July, 2003 --- Aug, 2003)

My first mobile was Nokia 3361, which actually was a gift Baba gave me. He bought it for me in 5250 rupees form Karachi on (30th July, 03) and gave me as a gift. (he also baught another handset for himself)
When I got it, definitely I had to purchase a mobile number, there was just two networks available in my city Paktel & INSTAPHONE. So I decided to get an INSTAPHONE number instead of other, because I didn’t like paktel. Actually I don’t like both but I thought instaphone is just better than paktel. I got the number: 0320-5879072 that was my first mobile number.

Still I was not much happy with this handset. So after the few days, I decided to sale it and than purchase a new (Nokia 2100), because some days ago I see it at my friend and I decided to get it soon. And I did it. I sold my (Nokia 3361) in just 4500 rupees in shikarpur, and make mind ready to go for Karachi to purchase new phone.

Tuesday, March 12, 2002


I always like to use mobile phone not just for playing games nor keeping it at home, but I have been always very excited to using that type of devises, specially mobile is to using short messaging service (SMS), and sending E-mails from wherever I am to others, I mostly prefer this not only for communicate but that is also a fun for me. I surf internet on that also.